What is Mosaic?
Mosaic is a business and technology consulting organization that specializes in the financial markets. Mosaic offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional consulting firms to help clients undertake complex projects that demand specialized expertise. Freed from the costly overhead, inefficiencies and limitations that characterize most traditional consulting business models, our network of proven independent consultants enables us to build consulting teams on-demand to meet client needs. Mosaic consultants choose the clients they want to work with, the kinds of work they want to do, and when they want to do it. Clients choose Mosaic because of the depth, breadth and quality of our consultants. Our people are flexible, experienced, tested and motivated — and deliver high-impact results more economically.

How does Mosaic select consultants?
Mosaic maintains an active network of the best independent consultants in the industry. We are highly selective and invite only a fraction of those who apply as candidates to become Mosaic consultants. We rely on trusted referrals and introductions to source new talent and validate an individual’s capabilities. Mosaic’s managing partners dedicate extensive time and effort recruiting, evaluating references and rigorously vetting our deep pool of talent to ensure that we have the right consultants and project teams for each assignment — both in terms of skill sets and the ability to work within a company’s culture.

What kind of experience do I need?
Mosaic consultants have from 6 to more than 20 years of experience, with an average of 12 years. Most have worked for both consultancies and financial markets firms such as investment banks, hedge funds, asset management firms and financial industry support firms. Domain expertise and a record of success validated by strong references are standard requirements.

What kinds of skills are you looking for?
Mosaic seeks consultants with experience in helping banks plan and implement “change-the-bank” initiatives covering the full end-to-end project life cycle. Specific disciplines include technology and operational planning, business analysis, technology architecture, project management, agile development methods and delivery management.

What are the biggest advantages of being an independent consultant
with Mosaic?

The main advantages are independence, flexibility, and the opportunity to work on interesting, challenging projects in partnership with other top professionals who know the business. Mosaic empowers you to do what you do best by providing a platform that reduces marketing and administrative responsibilities — tasks that frequently get in the way of working with clients.

Mosaic also enables independent consultants to benefit financially from their relationship networks: we actively partner with consultants to help develop and sell consulting assignments for others in the Mosaic network.

How long are the projects?
Consulting assignments are driven by client needs and typically fall into two categories:
1.) Strategic and advisory assignments lasting two to three months.
2.) Implementation-based engagements lasting six or more months.

We work closely with clients to define the scope and structure of each engagement, including duration, before professional services are contracted in order to ensure success and satisfaction for both our consultants and clients.

Where do you have consulting assignments?
Most of our engagements are based in London and New York. However, we regularly receive requests to provide assistance around the globe. Just let us know if you would like to be considered for travel assignments.

What should I do if I have a lead on a project?
When you refer new business to the Mosaic network, you share in the financial rewards. Our novel business model and approach to serving the financial markets has led many professionals to join with us in developing and pursuing new opportunities.

How is compensation negotiated and handled?
Mosaic’s business model is designed to be competitive for both clients and consultants. Individual rates are driven by market conditions. We are as transparent as possible in our discussions with consultants regarding pricing structures.

For each assignment, our managing partners compile a short list of Mosaic consultant candidates based upon the skills and experience best suited to a given project. Short-listed candidates will be asked to bid their preferred rates to which Mosaic adds a standard margin. Candidates are then submitted for client review as part of Mosaic’s project bid.

Do I have to accept all Mosaic assignments?
Certainly not. As a Mosaic consultant, you have access to our pipeline of interesting and diverse projects for high-profile clients around the world. However, you decide the “when, where and what,” thus enabling you to control your own work/life balance.

Can clients select specific consultants?
Yes. Once the scope of work has been defined, we provide clients with a short list of Mosaic consultants who have the requisite experience and expertise for the assignment. Clients then make their selection from that list.

Do Mosaic consultants work together?
Sometimes our consultants work in teams or on different projects for the same client. However, Mosaic consultants can always interact using social media tools as well as at events facilitated and organized by Mosaic staff and partners.

For team efforts, can consultants choose their fellow consultants?
While we actively seek assistance in identifying industry professionals with the experience, skills and track records of success to join our network of independent consultants, we also are committed to providing clients with the best team and most affordable solutions for each engagement.

Can a consultant receive more than one assignment at one time?
Mosaic consultants generally do not receive more than one assignment at a time unless client projects specifically allow for part-time working, e.g., advisory roles. Critical to their success, our consultants are highly motivated and single-minded in their focus on delivering results quickly.

How does Mosaic legally contract with consultants?
We offer our consultants the option of either working with us on a company-to-company basis or as an employee on our payroll for the duration of the project. In the latter case we levy a small charge to cover administrative and additional insurance charges.