Our consultants
Mosaic’s network of independent business and technology consultants is composed of proven financial markets specialists. On average, they have 12 years of industry experience working with well-known investment banks, prime brokers, hedge funds, asset managers or industry utilities. Domain expertise spans front-, middle- and back-office functions and product categories that include rates, equities, commodities, derivatives and FX. Our technology consultants also have expertise across the full range of contemporary software environments, methodologies and software life cycle development process.

Identifying and supporting the best independent consultants are at the heart of Mosaic’s business model and value proposition. We utilize our extensive networking resources to recruit professionals with track records of success. Mosaic’s business model and approach to serving the financial markets has led both independent consultants and industry insiders to join with us in developing and pursuing new opportunities.

In all cases, Mosaic is committed to building long-term relationships based on the highest professional standards to ensure that the Mosaic network serves both consultants and clients to their mutual benefit.