Derivatives trade capture framework
The Problem
Operating with the central architecture function, our client, an investment bank, wanted to create a prototype trade-capture framework to use across a wide range of derivative products. The objective was to build a system as a proof of concept, but allow it to be generic enough so that additional work could be sponsored by the client’s other business-aligned technology groups.

Mosaic Response
We deployed one senior technical architect with prior experience in building derivatives trade-capture systems. Our consultant performed multiple roles: technical architect, program manager and business analyst. The initial engagement was limited to three months to quickly ensure development of the prototype. Based on our consultant’s design, the client also engaged a software-development-consulting firm to build the prototype.

Value Delivered
Mosaic’s consultant presented a unique combination of skills, enabling the client to develop a functioning prototype in three months. Our client is now working with the lines of business-technology teams to explore additional ways to further leverage the framework.