What is Mosaic?
Mosaic is a business and technology consulting organization that specializes in the financial markets. Mosaic offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional consulting firms to help clients undertake complex projects that demand specialized expertise. Freed from the costly overhead, inefficiencies and limitations that characterize most traditional consulting business models, our network of proven independent consultants enables us to build consulting teams on demand to meet client needs. Clients choose Mosaic because of the depth, breadth and quality of our consultants. Our people are flexible, experienced, tested and motivated — and deliver high-impact results more economically.

What type of projects does Mosaic handle?
Mosaic’s consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of each client engagement but typically fall into two categories:

1.) Small teams of experienced industry practitioners to work on high-profile projects, for example, a 10 – 12 week strategic review to help identify a target technology trading system or a 6 – 8 week straight-through trade processing improvements review.

2.) Individual consultants to work as part of a client team for 3 – 6 months providing specific subject matter expertise or project disciplines. Examples include an OTC derivatives trade processing specialist to document business requirements and undertake a systems gap analysis; a senior program manager and project advisor to assist with the mobilization of a complex change initiative; industry proven agile development experts to assist an existing software development team with the adoption of agile methods.

In both cases, Mosaic offers the same invaluable resource: industry experienced consultants with proven track records for solving complex problems and delivering innovative, high-value solutions for firms operating and competing in the financial markets domain.

How does Mosaic ensure quality?
At the heart of our firm are the professional consultants who comprise the Mosaic network and who have outstanding reputations for delivering results. We are highly selective in our consultant application process: Only a fraction of applicants meet our standards of exceptional talent and superior qualifications to become Mosaic consultants. Our managing partners dedicate extensive time and effort recruiting, evaluating references, and rigorously vetting this deep pool of talent to select the right consultants and project teams for each assignment.

We also work closely with our clients to scope and structure major engagements and launch the project. This process is invaluable in setting the stage for success, both in terms of ensuring directly relevant expertise and the ability to work within a company's culture. Finally, a Mosaic partner maintains close contact with clients and consultants during the course of every major engagement to help deliver high-quality results.

Where are Mosaic consultants located?
The majority of our consultants are based in the London and New York financial centers but undertake assignments internationally as required. Many have experience working in markets across the globe.

How are consultants selected for a client project?
The scope, requirements and budget of each client project are matched against the skills, knowledge, experience and interpersonal profile of available Mosaic consultants. A Mosaic partner assesses and talks with each prospective Mosaic consultant. We then prepare a short list of candidates who best fit the assignment for clients to review.

What happens if a client is not satisfied with the consultant(s) proposed by Mosaic for a project?
There is no obligation on the part of a client. Mosaic will provide other candidates to consider for the project or withdraw from the process.

Can a client change one or more consultants from a Mosaic team in mid-project?
Of course. Our agile structure and deep bench of consultants enables us to quickly respond to changing project requirements or the need for additional skill sets.

Are any of Mosaic’s founding partners available for client work?
Yes, Mosaic’s founding partners stay current on industry trends and evolving client needs and actively consult on client engagements.

What happens if there is a change in the scope of work?
Our network of independent industry experts is deep and broad. Mosaic can address new or changing needs immediately. Further, our commitment to transparency ensures that there are no hidden charges or surprises: Clients review all potential costs before engagement terms are modified.