How we operate
Mosaic’s culture and way of doing business are integral to our success. We are:

Focused. As specialists in the financial markets, Mosaic consultants offer both a
depth and breadth of expertise across the industry and work effectively as part of
client teams.

Flexible. We provide customized solutions along with the capability to work in small
teams across multiple geographies — either at your site or remotely.

Collaborative. Mosaic works closely with clients to define the scope and needs of
each assignment. We may provide a single specialist to work on client teams,
assemble a project team to be managed by the client, or deploy and fully manage
a Mosaic project team.

Thorough. Mosaic's experienced industry consultants are rigorous in exploring,
debating and determining the best solutions for each client.

Involved. We qualify the suitability of consultants for every assignment, and we
provide the appropriate level of client-relationship management and delivery-
assurance services.

Transparent. Mosaic believes fair pricing is critical to both clients and consultants,
and we make the process as clear as possible.