Mosaic is guided by and adheres to five core values:

Quality. Mosaic’s founding partners and network of world-class independent
consultants share a common commitment to the hallmarks of quality: excellence,
professionalism and teamwork.

Value. Mosaic’s business model provides clients with the best people and more
affordable solutions. At the heart is our network of independent consultants freed
from costly overhead and focused on results.

Innovation. Mosaic consultants approach challenges with novel ideas.
Their experience and creativity produce valuable results for our clients.

Integrity. Openness, transparency and an ethic of straightforward
communications define Mosaic’s relationships and dealings at every level.

Teamwork. A culture of collaboration, collegiality and shared responsibility
characterize the behavior and performance of Mosaic consultants, whether working
with a client’s in-house group or with fellow Mosaic specialists.