Current state application architecture review
The Problem
Following a recent investment bank merger, our client sought to assess its portfolio of systems across all business lines. The data was then to be applied toward optimizing the technologies and vendor licenses used, as well as the functional and global coverage of its portfolio. A series of projects would then be scoped out for the following financial year to address the highest priority opportunities.

Mosaic Response
Mosaic deployed four senior consultants — three in NY and one in London — for a three- month review. The team leveraged existing artifacts from the client’s in-house architecture team to agree on which data to gather; then, we teamed with several business-aligned architects for detailed information. The analysis of optimization opportunities was conducted through workshops with owners of the relevant technology sets, in addition to the central architecture team.

Value Delivered
Each member of our team had significant, relevant expertise, enabling us to quickly establish credibility with the business-aligned IT teams. This was essential in developing a clear view of the current state in a short time. The workshops also required strong facilitation skills to ensure agreement from all parties. The end result was a list of projects for the next financial year, each of which offers to pay back on its investment within one to two years.