Securities IT Strategy
The Problem
Our client’s head of global markets wanted a technology strategy to enable all of the investment bank’s securities-trading businesses to leverage a single technology stack. The solution had to be global and allow the client to develop competitive advantage by building key elements in-house, while still being able to utilize value-added, third-party products. The analysis had to be complete by the end of the financial year to ensure program initiation by the start of the following financial year.

Mosaic Response
We deployed a senior strategist in New York and a senior technologist in London. They worked closely with in-house technologists to frame the problem appropriately, establish a governance model for decision making, define an approach for detailed analysis, and create a “straw man” solution around which to base future discussions.

Value Delivered
Our consultants provided initial clarity on the project’s objectives, then they engaged a wide range of stakeholders in workshops that confronted major issues around the technology and the ongoing governance model. Once established, they facilitated working sessions that refined the “straw man” and prepared the ground for a subsequent project that detailed timelines and project costs.